Best Pancake Top Tips

We know that life is hard enough without having to think about the best way to make your favourite treats. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our top tips on how to make the best pancake and even thrown in some extras. The best pancake is one thing, but the best tips and toppings for the best pancake is what you really need to hear. Here you go. This one’s on us:

Best Pancake

  1. Always whisk your eggs but when you make your final mixture, beat it with a fork to help get those initial lumps out. This will make your pancakes even more fluffy.
  2. If you are adding something to your pancakes that you don’t want to melt or burn like blueberries or chocolate then freeze them first. The difference in temperature when they hit the pan can be enough to help. It only takes a few extra seconds to take your perfect treat to disaster level.
  3. Don’t use cheap ingredients. Your end product isn’t going to taste like quality if you’ve started off cheap. Buy good stuff and your taste buds will be thankful.
  4. Getting initial lumps out is fine but don’t go too crazy. You can actually over-mix your batter and whilst we don’t want too many lumps, it’s better than going too far the other way. If you do this your pancakes will end up more chewy than they are fluffy. Nobody wants that!
  5. Don’t use old batter if you want results. The second the flour mix hits the egg/milk mix you have chemical reactions going off left right and centre. Some pancake mix can be left for an hour or so, depending on what you’re going for but old batter won’t be nearly as friendly. Time is of the essence!
  6. Use butter and not oil if you can. Butter is perfect for making pancakes and whilst it can’t be heated to super high temperatures it does a much better job. If you do have an issue with your butter burning then your pan is probably too hot. That’s another little advantage.
  7. Can’t decide whether you want chocolate or maple syrup or lemon or sugar? For the most part these are things that can be mixed together. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Melted chocolate mixed with maple syrup is a really interesting flavour so give it a shot. Lemon and maple syrup is a little more strange but only you know what you enjoy and we all have our weird habits!
  8. A lot of people will flip their pancakes the second they see bubbles. That’s not the right way to go about it. When you see bubbles, wait until they are popping open and staying open on the surface of your pancake. Then it’s time to flip.
  9. If you have a griddle then use it. Pans have sloped edges and they can be a real nuisance when you want to flip your pancakes because they give it something to stick to.
  10. Go crazy with topping. Pancakes aren’t meant to be eaten alone. They go well with fruit, chocolate, lemon, syrup. You name it. They’re a lot like potato in that sense so don’t be afraid to try new things. Who knows? You could start a trend. Just make sure you tell us first if you do so we can put it to the test.

So there you have it. Some top tips to make the best pancake with the best topping. Have fun and try not to burn yourself… We probably should have put that on the list.